King Photography | A few hours at Nimisila Resevoir

A few hours at Nimisila Resevoir

April 01, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

This morning I only had a few hours to shoot.  My son is in the hospital and my wife wanted me to stop on the way to pick up a package at the Amazon store in Akron.  Well, since the package wouldn't be ready until after 9, I figured why not spend a few hours at the lake.  I headed up to the Eagles nest on Christman road.  The Bald Eagle's current nest was stolen from the migrating Ospreys this winter when their tree was cut down to protect high voltage power lines.  It's really in a perfect spot for photography.  

I would like to mention that what was the absolute perfect vantage point over a nest was compromised by the Summit Metroparks when they decided to close most of the grassy area that gave a great view.  There's still enough room to setup, but most of the area is now off-limits.  Apparently some people were working their way down under the nest itself (why, I have no idea... not like you can see anything from under a nest) and because of this they closed off the entire area even though the main observation point is well over 300' from the nest.  

Well, I stayed there for almost 3 hours and only saw a beak pop up over the edge of the nest... but I guess that's the way it goes.  I did get an opportunity to get a few shots of some Osprey, Sparrows, and some Common Mergansers in flight.  Here's a few.

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